Investigación Due Diligence

Our Due diligence service provides valuable information to make intelligent, informed decisions at the time of doing business, alliance, representation, partners, we deliver real-time information positive and negative of a company or person, avoiding illegal.

Conduct, we do a careful analysis of customer reputational suppliers, financial situation, commercial, hidden interests, verifications of legal disputes, contracts with the government participation of partners, physical verification of the existence.

Our investigation of the Due Diligence is performed with a requirement in professional ethics.

Our reports are divided into:

Corporate Plus Report

Premium Corporate Report

Corporate Report immediately (12 HOURS)

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Investigación Due Diligence

Our professionals are responsible for placing and receiving legal documents sent from countries abroad for its process legal, civil, commercial, marriage, divorce, requested by the international courts. Delivered in minimum time, we ship via air documentation, email certificate.

For its greater probative value is done in two formats which will be decided through the need of the customer and the Court.

Option 1: Signature and seal Notarial photograph of the place of delivery.

Option 2: Signature seal Embassy photo by place of delivery.


The Hague Convention

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